League Tables
Dog Agility Rescue League Tables
Dog (Breed)
 Mr. Parker Paws A.W.G (X) Abi Weake 169
 Oli's Little Halo Kid A.W.P (JRT) Gemma Swann 156
 Level Seven Of Valgrays A.W.G (WSD) Pat Kidd 103
 Morgansr Fly In Finn  (WSD) Myra Tubb 102
 Spot The Birdie Twitcher Tor A.W.G (Other) Eleanor Mcmahon 78
 Windy Slinky O'rainbow A.W.S (X) Hol Thomas 63
 Solving Sophie A.W.D (WSD) Ros Kinloch 49
 Wiccaweys Poppet A.W.P (WSD) Shirley Carton 22
Please note: Junior Classes only count in the Junior league table
(All other league's have now be amended to reflect this)

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