League Tables
Dog Agility Rescue League Tables
Dog (Breed)
 Hilo Lally Milo A.W.S (X) Tess Campbell 157
 Tri Again Ben A.W.G (WSD) Ken Whittington 149
 Dancing Diva Of Valgrays A.W.B (Border Collie) Christina Sheard 125
 Taffy Turbo  (WSD) Wendy Hart 108
 Little Miss Twinkle Paws  (Other) Jan Thomas 103
 Ay Kay Stig Of Rock A.W.G (Border Collie) Julia Kearney 82
 Gilbert Goof A.W.S (WSD X) Carole Mason 78
 Four Candles  (WSD) Mandy Hecek 78
 Such Delite Of Valgrays At Tabouret A.W.S (X) Carol Holdsworth 53
 Jasmin Moore A.W.S (Border Collie) Mel Baldwin 52
 Mai My Mae Delilah A.W.B (WSD) Kathleen Mackey 38
 Morganr Bess  (Border Collie) Judith Firth 33
 Twirly Merley Girl  (WSD X) Susan  Williams 11
 Karma Naglis A.W.B (Other) Sarah Hamblin 4
 Gypsy In My Soul  (X) Ruth Smith - Howell 2
Please note: Junior Classes only count in the Junior league table
(All other league's have now be amended to reflect this)

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