League Tables
Dog Agility Rescue League Tables
Dog (Breed)
 Kryptonite Superkara A.W.B (X) Dawn Milner 254
 Amber Le Bamber  (Other) Sharon Court 182
 Bend It Like Bennie  (X) Stephanie  Bowers 161
 Charlie Trow Again  (WSD X) Michael Burbridge 108
 Liv In The Dream  (Spaniel) Sue  Fitton 78
 Add A Pincher Maxitude  (X) Tina Kelly 46
 Splooty Tooty Rumsy Roo  (X) Rowan Carter 44
 Bracky Wacky Ding Dong  (Working Cocker Spaniel) Jacqui Booth 37
 Tinker Chhaiya Of Many Tears  (X) Colin Veal 32
 Breasta's Bonnie Babe  (X) Joanne Clark 10

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