League Tables
Dog Agility Rescue League Tables
Dog (Breed)
 Gem Of The Hub A.W.D (X) Kate Lamacraft 214
 The Gruffalo A.W.B (Terrier) Beryl Brander 166
 Maggie Myfanwy Apache Tears  (X) Ali Bate 148
 Little Man Chesta  (Toy Poodle) Theresa Mannion 87
 Macaron Mountain  (Border Collie) Nigel Perry 63
 Mini Tears Mayhem  (WSD) Helen Veal 38
 Coco Doodle Do  (X) Carol Prentice 38
 Tinker Chhaiya Of Many Tears  (X) Colin Veal 32
 Mister Unpredictaball A.W.G (JR x) Emily Shewell 25

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