League Tables
Dog Agility Rescue League Tables
Dog (Breed)
 Ay Kay Stig Of Rock A.W.G (Border Collie) Julia Kearney 1172
 Ainmhithe Diamond Tiara  (X) Jenny Hastie 796
 Tri Again Ben A.W.G (WSD) Ken Whittington 731
 Twirly Merley Girl  (WSD X) Susan  Williams 503
 Toot Toot Here I Come  (WSD) Sid Gates 399
 Jasmin Moore A.W.G (Border Collie) Mel Baldwin 364
 Patrick Gamesmaster  (WSD) Sarah Dalesman 344
 Again Buddy A.W.B (X) Alan Jackson 322
 Ianto Banto  (WSD) Susan  Williams 204
 The Merle Of Valgrays  (WSD) Karen Sanders 195
 Mai My Mae Delilah A.W.B (WSD) Kathleen Mackey 125
 Charlie Bravo A.W.S (X) Karen  Boyle 83
Please note: Junior Classes only count in the Junior league table
(All other league's have now be amended to reflect this)

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