League Tables
Dog Agility Rescue League Tables
Dog (Breed)
 Chilli Peppa At Willowyarde A.W.G (X) Alison Williamson 1270
 Dynamite Kangaroo Kid  (Kelpie) Emma Gamble 679
 Wild For Winnie A.W.S (WSD) Ros Kinloch 286
 Good Grace Shush Me  (WSD X) Georgina Davies 215
 He's Just Cooper A.W.G (JRX) Claire Powell 202
 Ambiepants Whats This  (X) Beth Rachlis 182
 Revel Without A Cause  (WSD) Carol Luckett 111
 Twizzling Thomas A.W.S (WSD X) Freda Campbell 77
 Hocus Pocus  (WSD X) Mel Baldwin 48
 Better B A Goodun A.W.G (Kelpie) Isabelle Thompson 39
 Star Boy Milesy A.W.B (X) Wendy Nixon 37
Junior Classes only count in the Junior league table
Allsorts & Veterans classes only count in the Allsorts league table

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