League Tables
Dog Agility Rescue League Tables
Dog (Breed)
 Dream Legacy  (WSD) Lesley Wilks 456
 Charley Farley At Valgrays  (WSD) Diana Muirhead 368
 Voderville Synchronize All A.W.G (Border Collie) Debbie Reynolds 212
 Twizzling Thomas A.W.S (WSD X) Freda Campbell 201
 Sabre Jet Billy A.W.B (X) Catherine Kendall 201
 Grenadier Mason  (SBTerrier) Sarah Dugdale 189
 Wiccaweys Whirlwind Floss  (WSD) Myra Tubb 101
 Good Grace Shush Me  (WSD X) Georgina Davies 90
 White Bears Can Jump  (Golden Retriever) Elisabeth Gorman 65
 Hocus Pocus  (WSD X) Mel Baldwin 64
 Star Boy Milesy A.W.B (X) Wendy Nixon 37
 My Boy Simon A.W.S (X) Beryl Brander 15
 High Speed Chase  (WSD X) Mike  Bell 14
 My Billy Wizz A.W.G (X) Nicky Deakin 6
 Hello Earth To Bella  (X) Ruth Smith-howell 2
 Maybe Daisie  (X) Lyn Storey 2
Junior Classes only count in the Junior league table
Allsorts & Veterans classes only count in the Allsorts league table

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