League Tables
Dog Agility Rescue League Tables
Dog (Breed)
 Beck Beauty  (X) mark gorman 1356
 Beneficial Ben A.W.S (WSD) Anne Button 1088
 The Pipster  (X) Martin Hillson 746
 High Speed Chase  (WSD X) Mike  Bell 706
 Galloping Gizmo  (X) Wendy Hart 473
 Boomerang Sam Of Valgrays  (Border Collie) Gerry Cameron 399
 Wiccaweys Whirlwind Floss  (WSD) Myra Tubb 385
 Racing Trim  (WSD) Myra Tubb 278
 Kenward Casca A.W.G (Bearded Collie) Nicky Holden 253
 Cassie Trow  (X) Michael Burbridge 246
 Jessie Four Paws  (X) Jan Croydon 180
 Final Fantasy Of Valgray A.W.G (WSD) Sarah Crouch 167
 Shepster Bepster  (Australian Shepherd) Susan Mathias 73
 Roving Queenalie  (X) Anita Bray 71
 Ripster Pipster A.W.S (WSD) Steve Hoddinott 59
 Queenie Of Catesby  (X) Marcia Jupp 52
 Phils Foxy Shadow  (X) Gill  Smith 43
 Flash Harriet  (X) Nicky Deakin 26
 Phanton Menace  (WSD) Karen Fuller 12
 Constant Holly A.W.G (X) Heather Hillson 10
 Gods Golden Strength  (X) Lyndsey Bailey 2
Junior Classes only count in the Junior league table
Allsorts & Veterans classes only count in the Allsorts league table

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