League Tables
Dog Agility Rescue League Tables
Dog (Breed)
 Wiccaweys Magic Magpie  (WSD) Colin Veal 1375
 Chilli Peppa At Willowyarde A.W.G (X) Alison Williamson 623
 Flea Here Flea There A.W.S (Border Collie) Sarah Parker 470
 Sasparilla Star  (WSD) Sue Roberts 383
 Wilfred Far Canal  (X) Sabine Hanna 251
 My Girl Rox A.W.G (WSD) Julie Darlington 239
 Anethum Graveolens A.W.S (unknown) Sarah Dalesman 209
 Isla Dashing Diva A.W.S (X) Caroline Freeman 195
 Poppywillow Popstar A.W.S (Other) Karen Brooks 151
 Molly Moo Of Warwick  (Border Collie) Nigel Perry 150
 Dads Prescious Gift  (Border Collie) Lisa Dickinson 119
 Wot The Dickens Of Valgrays A.W.S (X) Philippa Verstraete 116
 Milyon Quest Of Valgray A.W.G (WSD) Gillian Bignall 113
 Kooking Up Trouble  (Other) Claire Perry 88
 Sweet Bonnie Bon Bon  (X) Helen Jones 66
 Tumble's Gaelic Charm  (X) Judith Doble 51
 Maximilian Is Rainman A.W.P (X) Annette Daly 16
 Jumping Jem Of Scorney A.W.S (JRX) Lesley Wells 6
Please note: Junior Classes only count in the Junior league table
(All other league's have now be amended to reflect this)

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