League Tables
Dog Agility Rescue League Tables
Dog (Breed)
 Tri Again Ben A.W.S (WSD) Ken Whittington 3526
 Gem Of The Hub  (X) Kate Lamacraft 2233
 Oli's Little Halo Kid A.W.P (JRT) Gemma Swann 1642
 Ruby Poppet A.W.G (WSD) Jenny Hastie 1397
 Tomas Tedda Kid  (X) Gemma Swann 1390
 No Tears For Many Ears Milo  (X) Colin Veal 1133
 Ticking Time Bomb  (X) Michelle Sparks 1042
 Dougie Dancer Of Many Tears  (Terrier) Nicky Deakin 981
 The Gruffalo A.W.B (Terrier) Beryl Brander 948
 Oh Dear Odyseus  (X) Martine  Wates 787
 Without Rhyme Or Reason A.W.G (WSD) Michele Curtis 692
 Mum's Bright Star A.W.S (WSD) Fiona Keast 625
 Solar Sensation A.W.S (WSD) Judith Doble 573
 Many Tears Tri To Be Eco  (Border Collie) Nicole  Turner 534
 Dex Dastardly  (X) Sid Gates 352
 Ianto Banto  (WSD) Susan  Williams 342
 Bobby Slinky Crackerjack  (ESS) Hol Thomas 250
 Toot Toot Here I Come  (WSD) Nicky Holden 122
 My Magical Miss Mitz  (X) Jane Emmett 80
 Many Weeping Tears Willo  (WSD) Katie Thomas 58
 Maximilian Is Rainman A.W.P (X) Annette Daly 16
Junior Classes only count in the Junior league table
Allsorts & Veterans classes only count in the Allsorts league table

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