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Deezaks Red Cascade
Agility Club KC-Grade 7 Jumping Agility Club KC-Grade 7 Agility Uka Ruffs UKA-Championship Agility Tuffley KC-Grade 7 Agility Thames KC-Grade 7 Agility Packington KC-Grade 7 Combined Jumping
Dog Vegas, Onley KC-Power and Speed Combined Agility Tunbridge KC-Grade 7 Jumping Vyne KC-Grade 7 Jumping Vyne KC-Grade 7 Jumping Wallingford Dtc KC-Grade 7 Combined Jumping Uka Easter UKA-Snooker Games
Uka Easter UKA-Championship Agility Uka Lydiard UKA-Championship Jumping Dog Vegas, Solihull KC-Grade 7 Agility Derbshire KC-Championship Jumping Winter League UnA-Grade 7 Combined Jumping Winter League UnA-Grade 7 Agility